noun [ U ] UK  /kəˈlɪɡ.rə.fi/ US  /kəˈlɪɡ.rə.fi/ (the art of producing) beautiful writing, often created with a special pen or brush


Custom Calligraphy Pieces

marrying paper and ink

from BND$35.00

As a gift or home or office display, anything to do with writing with the classic tools of a pointed nib on paper. 

Envelope/Invitation Addressing

outer envelopes or invitations

from BND$3.00 per piece

For your wedding, birthday or corporate invitations, have your guests' names and/or addresses handwritten to set the tone of your event.


Wedding Invitations

bells are ringing, congratulations!

from BND$300.00++

Minimalistic custom wedding invitations for your big day. Requires a lead time of 6-8 months before your estimated need-by date. Get in touch to discuss more.

Get Creative

on glass, on Chalkboard, on fabric

from BND$75.00

On windows, on walls, on cookies. For everything else that isn't paper. So if you have an idea, I would love to experiment!


On-The-Spot Calligraphy

Right there and then

at an hourly rate

What do you say about having your door gifts or guests place cards/thank you cards handwritten on-the-spot at your wedding or corporate event? What better way to celebrate your milestone/event.