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Wrough Iron

Wrough Iron

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This paper is naturally inspired sustainable paper influenced by colours and textures in the real world. Suitable for calligraphy. 


Environmental Credentials

This product is part of Neenah Paper's ENVIRONMENT® PAPERS. Made sustainably, FSC® Certified, Green-e Certified, Green Seal™ Certified, and are made with 30% or more Post-Consumer Fiber. 2 colors containing 100% Post-Consumer Fiber: PC 100 White, PC 100 Natural.


This product is recyclable and bio-degradeable. Little Red strongly suggests the proper disposal of this product by recycling.

Can I print on this paper?

Most at-home printers (with the exception of professional-grade printers) will not be able to feed paper of thickness greater than 200gsm. Please check your printer specification to identify if this paper can be fed into your at-home printer.

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