Project: 101 Tables

Project: 101 Tables

A community giveback project for underprivileged kids of Kampong Ayer

Organised by The Collective

by the hand of Little Red Designs

There are two things I’ve always believed in — (1) there is always something to learn, if you are willing and; (2) everyone is creative in their own way, if only you try.

With the design of the table & chair, I’ve incorporated these two beliefs into it. First, with the quote that I’ve been using for a while “never stop learning” written on the front of the table and second, with the use of simple shapes like straight lines, triangles, circles and squares.

With these elements, it is my hope that it will serve to encourage the kids of Kg Bolkiah to never stop learning and remind them that they have infinite potential and to be inspired to always keep creating as the boundaries of creativity are limitless.

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