Semi-Custom Collection Terms and Conditions

By purchasing any Little Red Calligraphy & Letterpress' Semi-Custom Collection, you acknowledge and agree to all semi-custom collection terms and conditions below. Little Red Calligraphy & Letterpress reserves the right to amend any of these terms without prior notice.

To avoid any confusion in the details, the following definitions can be used interchangeably:

i. "Little Red Calligraphy & Letterpress" shall also be known as the "provider" or "we",

ii. the purchaser (or you) shall also be known as the "client" and;

iii. "Semi-Custom Collection" shall also be known as "The Collection".

1.0 Copyright

All designs and artwork in The Collection displayed on this site (, on Instagram (@littleredesigns) and anywhere on the world wide web are protected by copyright and are the sole property of Little Red Calligraphy & Letterpress unless otherwise indicated. This includes all designs, images and artworks used during the proofing process. It is illegal to take any of Little Red Calligraphy & Letterpress work; at any stage of the design process, for personal use or repurposed and/or redistributed for personal or commercial use without explicit written consent. 

2.0 Official Communication

The official communication method for both parties, the provider and the client, shall be via email. We understand that there may be instances when elements and/or details are discussed face-to-face, over an online meeting or via messaging apps including Instagram Direct Message, however any decisions made must be reiterated, communicated and acknowledged/confirmed with an email, either by the provider or the client.

3.0 Refunds & Cancellations

Due to the customisable nature of The Collection, we are not able to offer refunds, returns or cancellations after an order has been placed or in production or delivered.

Should a mistake be made on the provider's part, we will either reprint or provide a credit for the misprint. The provider holds no responsibility and are not liable for any additional reprinting costs if any and all error or misprint on the design, wordings and/or spelling are based on what has been approved and provided by the client. This responsibility falls completely on the client.

4.0 Variances

Please keep in mind that what you see on a screen may be slightly varied to the finished product in terms of materials and colours as this is highly dependent on your computer system and/or monitor. 

If your order includes calligraphy, please expect letterform variations as it is written by hand.

All products under The Collection are letterpress printed in-house. Letterpress inks are translucent and colours are hand-mixed using the Pantone formula. Slight variances in ink colour shall be expected due to the nature of letterpress inks, how it is mixed and printed on the products.

The provider endeavours to create pieces with minor variances, however, the client shall understand and accept that these variances will occur and are not avoidable.

5.0 Timeframes

5.1 Standard Timeframe

We advise getting in touch to discuss your paper goods and finalise your order as early as six (6) months before your wedding date. Of course, the earlier the better.

Our production timeline from the proof approvals to completion of production may take five (5) to eight (8) weeks + shipping. Allow for an additional one (1) or two (2) weeks if your order includes any add-ons.

5.2. Rush Orders

If your wedding date is less than six (6) months, please get in touch before placing an order. Depending on the production schedule at that time, we may or may not be able to accept your rush order. There will be a flat fee charged for rush orders in addition to your paper goods from BND200 to BND650.

The client understands that any delay in responses or approval will delay the final delivery date of your order. Little Red is not obligated to meet the original delivery date should there be client-related delays.

6.0 Pricing, Payments & Postage

All pricing is quoted in Brunei Dollars (BND) and do not include postage costs and optional embellishments. All costs are subject to change without further notice. On the rare occasion that a product is incorrectly priced, we reserve the right to either cancel the order or refund the order or request for additional payment.

Postage fees for international orders will be calculated after the digital proofs are approved. Payment for postage will need to be settled before your order goes into production. A delay in postage payment will push back the date of final delivery.

We accept Telegraphic Transfers (TT) with all related-costs borne by the client and BIBD Bank Transfers.

Telegraphic Transfers (TT) can be made to:

Account Name: Little Red Calligraphy and Letterpress

Bank Account Number: 00-001-01-004975-8

Bank Swift Code: BIBDBNBB

Bank Name: Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam

7.0 Shipping

All orders are dispatched from Brunei Darussalam. 

Once your orders are handed over to local delivery partners or international Courier, we are unable to provide any other information apart from what is displayed on the tracking link. We have no control over shipment timeframes and advise allowing a longer lead-time to anticipate for any potential delays during shipment. We are not responsible, nor may be held liable for any losses, damages or delays due to shipping.     

7.1 Local Orders

Local orders are delivered via local delivery partners. We shall make every effort to inform the client when the order is scheduled to be picked up for delivery by our delivery partners, however please understand that this may not always be possible. Our delivery partners may contact the client directly to make deliveries.  

7.2 International Orders

International orders are shipped via Courier with signature required on delivery. A tracking number or link shall be provided once your order is shipped. Please allow 7 to 30 working days for your order to reach you, depending on your location.

International orders may be liable for taxes or tariffs upon entry to your country, these are the responsibility of the client.

8.0 Proofing Process

It is extremely important that the client checks, double checks and in some cases triple checks the proofs provided. Clients are expected to check the following items but not limited to:

  • Design & layout
  • Wordings & spelling
  • Sizes & colours

Any errors should be highlighted to the provider at this stage. Once the proofs are approved by the client, no further changes can be made as the order goes into production. 

The client is entitled to one (1) round of amendments free of charge. Any amendments thereafter are charged at BND$250 per change.

9.0 Reordering Policy

We recommend including an extra 10% in quantity to accommodate for any last-minute guests, keepsakes for the couples & their families, for the photographer, etc.

The minimum quantity for reordering is 100 pieces/sets and adds an additional three (3) to six (6) weeks to the timeframe.